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  • Swedish flag pre 1906
  • Swedish flag pre 1906

Swedish Flag pre 1906

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"Sweden's Flag Before 1906: A Glimpse into History and Tradition"

In 1906, Sweden's flag underwent a color transformation. The darker shade of blue was deemed somber, leading to the choice of a lighter hue.

Adorning your home, office, or event with the ancient Swedish flag is a meaningful way to honor the past and carry it forward into the future.

Explore the enchanting history of the ancient Swedish flag – a symbol of pride, tradition, and heritage dating back before 1906. With its deeply rooted ties to Sweden's past, the ancient Swedish flag is more than just a piece of fabric; it carries a profound cultural and historical significance.

Please note that this darker flag is not the current official Swedish flag!

Colors of Sweden's Flag Before and After 1906

Flagpole and Pennant Size
An old rule suggests that the flagpole should be one-third taller than the building. In modern times, this translates to the flagpole being 3-4 meters taller than the structure.
Position the flagpole against a calm background for optimal display.
The length of the flag should be one-quarter of the flagpole's height!
As easy as pie… right? Alternatively, you can refer to our quick guide:
Size Guide for Flags and Pennants!


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