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Afghanistan Flag

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Afghanistan Flag

Traditionally screenprinted  Afghan flags of the highest quality.
Our flags are suitable to be flow on mountain tops or at the stern of a ship in the tropics

By using high-quality woven nautical polyester, the polyester fabric has the same feel and appearance as a natural fiber. Nautical polyester is also a durable material and does not fade as easily as a cheaper polyester.
A flag of woven polyester has a lower air resistance, which causes the flag to emit less noise and wears much less.

All our flags and the materials in the flag, are made in the EU.

Difficult to choose the size of your Afghanistan flag? See our size guide for flags and pennants

Our flags havedifferent fastening types depening on size, See our guide here!


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Article picture: Afghanistan Flag
1190 SEK
Variant name: Afghanistan flag 300cm
Partno: AF300
Stock status: In stock