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Swedish Pennants

Swedish pennants

A pennon, alternatively referred to as a pennant or pendant, is a slender and elongated flag characterized by its wider hoist end in comparison to the fly end. This versatile flag can adopt various forms, including triangular, tapering (square-tailed), and triangular swallowtail (forked-tailed), among others.Our pennants are manufactured in Europe with a flag cloth that has superior color accuracy. The Swedish pennant has the same colors as the Swedish flag. The official pennant is divided into a blue and a yellow field along the length of the pennant. When you lift the official Swedish pennant, always the blue field must be at the top. The Swedish Cross Vimpel is a popular pennant to use instead of the flag or alternative from the tradiotional Swedish bandvimpel.




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 Flags have been used for decades to send signals to the surroundings. White flag for peace, red flag warning or flag to show its descent.

 Flagging is a great tool to use to put the right profile on your company or organization!

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Our quality on sewn Flags & Pennants



100% woven marine polyester. Produced to handle sun, wind and water!
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Sewn Pennants



The pennants are available in two different models, such as cross pennants or stripe pennants according to your own taste.Our pennants always have double sewing, heavy edge bands, triple sleep at the flag end and barrier sewing in the corner!Sizes from 50 cm -100 cm have ripples or band clipsSizes from 150 cm to 800 cm have band clipsIf you have specific measurements or wishes, please contact us directly! Call +4642-6005000 Or email: info@riegerflags.com



Sewn Flags



All our flags have the well-known color scheme and model that applies.
Our flags always have double stitching, powerful edge bands, triple sleep at the flag end and barrier sewing in the corner!
Sizes from 50 cm -120 cm have ripples
Sizes from 150 cm to 300 cm have band clips
Sizes from 320 cm to 600 cm have linclips plus extra karabin shank in the middle of the flag's back
We produce flags of all sizes!



How to care for your sewn flag & pennant?



Withstand machine wash 40 degrees.
If you wish to take down your flag if a storm is uprising, it ok! It will last longer! But our flags are produced for tough weathers!



Wind Cones



The windshields are produced in low-air tight-woven polyester,


Because the straw must rise even at light winds.



Good advice for Flag & Pennant



There are diffrent rules and recommendations in different countries. Make sure you know what applies to you. If there are no general rules governing how to flag, there usually are traditions and unwritten rules that are good practice to follow.
To each flagpole there should be both a flag and a pennant, since the flagpole should never stand bar!


We are eager to hear about your rules and recomendations in your country, so please send us an email if you would like to share! info@rigerflags.com



Size of classic flags & pennants



An old rule says the bar should be a third higher than the house. In our time this means that the flagpole should be 3-4 meters higher than the house.
The flagpole should be exposed to a calm background.
The flag's length should be a quarter of the length of the rod! The pennant should be one thirds length of the flagpole!
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Size Guide for Flags and Pennants!